Class 7F
OPEN PRODUCTION – Mini or Mid-size Pickup
Competition Numbers 700F – 739F
Vehicles built from a two (2) or four (4) drive mini or mid-size pickup. Vehicle/ frame must have been series, produced in quantities of at least 1,000 units within a 12-month period, and readily available for sale to the general public in the USA. Vehicle must be marketed as mini or mid-size pickup. Original manufacture frame must be retained.
Naturally aspirated engine limited to 4.5 Liters. Forced induction engines are limited to 3.5 Liters unless noted. Engines must have a maximum of six cylinders. Engine must be of the same manufacture as that of that body. All factory turbo charged engines must be sealed.
Manufacturer body, engine and chassis combinations must be retained. This class is an open production class and all components will be considered open unless restricted herein. Vehicles that raced
previously, and do not meet current specifications, can possibly be modified and “Grandfathered” into current competition.

Suspension is open, but must retain stock concept (A-arm to A-arm, I-Beam to I-Beam, etc.). Suspension support systems are open (leaf, coil, torsion bars, etc.).
Wheelbase is open.
Track width is limited to 87” maximum, as measured outside to outside of tire sidewall. Measurement is at centerline of spindle at ride height.

• Engine is limited to six-cylinders.
• Naturally aspirated engines limited to displacement of 4.5L.
• Forced induction engines limited to 3.5 Liter unless noted.
• Engine must be located in the stock location as delivered by the manufacturer +/- 6”. This will be measured from centerline of the front spindle to the back of the block. Height will be measured from frame rail to center of crankshaft.
• Stock factory turbos are allowed.
Following engines are recognized for competition in SCORE Class 7F;
• Ford EcoBoost® engines with turbochargers: 2.0L Part No. M-6007-20T and 3.5L Part No. M-6007-
35T. Ford EcoBoost® turbos can be relocated.
• Honda 3.5L Engine with Turbo Part No. HR35TT
• Cummins Turbo D 3.9L 4-cylinder diesel
• Toyota TRD Supercharged 4.0L 6-cylinder
• Jeep 3.6L Normally aspirated


Any transmission may be used.

Front differential must retain original stock concept as delivered by the manufacturer.
Rear axle housing is open but must retain original stock concept. Must be solid rear axle housing. No independent suspension rear ends.


Vehicle must weigh 3000 lbs. (wet) minimum.


Aftermarket fiberglass or molded front and rear fenders are allowed.


Manufacturer specified chassis and body combination must be retained.

Frame rails may be strengthened by adding material but must retain original stock configuration.
Frame rails may not be narrowed or widened from stock.
No removal of frame material is allowed.
Frame rails may be notched to allow additional rear wheel travel.
Body Must maintain a production appearing body. Fiberglass or molded body is allowed.
Stock appearing grill and headlight opening must be retained.
Body subject to approval.