Jeepspeed Trophy Unlimited Class
Jeepspeed Trophy Unlimited Class 4700 will be identical to Jeepspeed Outlaws Modified Class
3700 but with following exceptions. Please read 3700 rules thoroughly.
4.1.1. Body. Must use Jeep or Dodge radiator grill , Dodge/Jeep-style headlamp or headlamp
decals and Jeepspeed supplied body side Dodge/Jeep logos.
4.2.1. Wheel base restricted to 123″ on custom chassis vehicles, any Jeep or Dodge bodied
vehicle constructed or raced prior to publication of these rules may apply for a variance at the
discretion of Jeepspeed. Front wheel travel 18″ max. Rear wheel travel open.
4.8.1. Chassis is open. Tube chassis Wheelbase must not exceed 123″ . If vehicle uses complete length
production factory chassis you may apply for wheelbase variance. Class 3700 rule not applicable. Class 3700 rule not applicable.
4.5.1. Engine block may be any make 4/6/8 cylinder but must be a production block or available in crate
or component form to the general public in the USA. Engine block may be modified but must maintain the same number of cylinders as originally equipped. Heads must be available to the general public in the USA. Must maintain same number of valves as engine was originally equipped. 4 or 6 cylinder engines
may be turbo or supercharged. Engine location. Must be ahead of rear axle assembly.
All vehicles must use General Tires Max Dia. 37″
All vehicles must use KMC Wheels, or a wheel brand of the 8 Wheel Pros Inc makes. ( American Racing, ATX, etc.)
Jeepspeed retains the right to change or modify the rules at any time. Jeepspeed will do its best to give competitors fair notice of any changes.