The Idea or Spirit of the class is to have a place for similar trucks to have a place to race with the option of high entry amounts.
No mixing of rules across classes. Please follow the rules of your prospective class. **Once you enter and race in the 1400 limited class you cannot enter in a lower class for the remainder of the calendar season.

Class 1400
Open Suspension

This class is an open class, and all components will be considered open unless restricted herein

Max Tire Size


Doors and Latches
Doors must remain functional and in original stock location with original hinges and working latch. Secondary positive latching devices mandatory if nets are attached to doors.

Chassis and Body
Factory Cab attached to factory frame rails. Factory frame rails must remain intact from rear cab mounts to front suspension mounts. Frame rails can be cut, notched, sectioned, and reinforced. Suspension mounts can be relocated, do not have to be hung off factory frame rails.