Pro Truck
Pro Truck SPEC–Full-Size Two-Wheel Drive Truck
Single class of truck built to a set of specifications for this class. Developed to be a cost-effective race truck utilizing components designed specifically for this particular class
GENERAL REGULATIONS Entrants in this class shall comply with all applicable general regulations.
Pro Trucks are based on full size trucks from Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC and Toyota. Exterior must have the

appearance of one of the five above manufacturers
Front and rear suspension must be of the same manufacture, shape, size and configuration as originally produced and installed on the chassis to which it is mounted. All suspension components will remain in the original stock locations and original stock mounting methods maintained. All components will be original manufacturer’s design and must be stock as delivered from the manufacture. A-arms, I-beams and front axles must remain
stock as delivered on the chassis to which it is mounted. Suspension parts must remain stock shape, size and

configuration as delivered from the manufacturer. Stock pivot points must be retained. Front and rear springs

must remain in stock locations and retain original stock concept (leaf, coil, torsion). Rates and capacities of springs are open. Wheel openings in fenders may be enlarged for tire clearance by a maximum of 2”.Body lift kits are

allowed up to a maximum of 3”. Riser blocks may be used only on the rear of the vehicle and must be made of a solid material that will not crumble.
SHOCK ABSORBERS and BUMP STOPS Two shocks per wheel, maximum. Shock location optional. No remote mounted shocks. No air shocks.

SECONDARYSUSPENSION No secondary suspension allowed.
WHEELS and TIRES Any manufacturer’s wheels and any manufacturer tires are allowed as long as guidelines are maintained.
STEERING Steering box must remain stock as delivered from the manufacturer. Steering box mounting may be reinforced by adding material but remain in the stock location. Steering parts (tie rods, tie rod ends, idler arms, pitman arms, relay rods and turning arms) must remain stock as delivered from the manufacturer. Any manufacturer’s steering wheel may be used.
BAKES-Turning or steering brakes are not allowed.
IGNITION Ignition system must remain stock as delivered from the manufacturer. Aftermarket spark plugs and wires are allowed.
BATTERIES Any manufacturer’s battery may be used. Position may be relocated. If battery is mounted in the s tock location, additional reinforcement is recommended.

LIGHTS Any manufacturer’s lights may be used, but stock headlight openings must be retained. Rear collision

lights are mandatory.
STARTERS FUEL SYSTEM FUEL Available racing gas or pump gas may be used.
FUELTANKS Safety fuel cells are required. Fuel cell location is optional. Fuel cell may be sunk into bed and rear
frame cross-member may be relocated, removed or replaced in order to sink fuel cell. Only a minimum amount
of material may be removed to sink fuel cells.
FUEL FILLERS LINES, VENTS, and CAPSENGINE, TRANSMISSION AND DRIVELINES ENGINE and ENGINE DISPLACEMENT Any small block V8 engine may be used provided it is listed and delivered by the above manufacturers.
Engine displacement is limited to 360 cubic inches. Stock block and heads as delivered must be used but may

be modified. All internal parts are open. Engine must be located in the stock mounting location as delivered

from the manufacturer. Any make and type of exhaust may be used. Smog equipment may be removed.
Any make of automotive carburetor may be used but it is restricted to one (1), four (4) barrel. Stock factory fuel injection may be used. Any make of automotive intake manifolds and air cleaners may be used. Cutting of the hood for clearance of air cleaner is not permitted.

TRANSMISSION Any transmission may be used provided it is listed and delivered by the manufacturer in that vehicle. DIFFERENTIALS Front and rear differential must remain stock as delivered from the manufacturer with the

exception of gear ratios and carriers. Four-wheel drive must be able to move under its own power with rear drive line removed. Materials may be added for strengthening purposes only. No knock-off hubs are allowed.

SUPERCHARGERS and TURBOCHARGERS-This class restricted to normally aspirated.
DRIVERS COMPARTMENT Dash must remain stock except for removal of items that may come off during competition, i.e. ashtray, glove box etc. Replacements must be fabricated to original Pro Truck specifications. Aftermarket gauges are allowed in any location. Air conditioning and heating units may be removed. Upholstered panels, headliners, visors, carpeting and rear seats may be removed.
DOORS AND LATCHES Doors must remain stock as delivered from the manufacturer and operate on stock hinges. Secondary door latches are required.
WEIGHT-Vehicle must weigh the stock delivered weight minimum.
FENDERS All fenders must remain stock as delivered by the manufacturer. Wheel openings in fenders may be enlarged for tire clearance by a maximum of 2”. Front inner fender panels can be modified to a minimum to allow

for front-shock installation. Aftermarket fender flares are allowed.
CHASSIS and BODY Manufacturers specified year chassis and body combination must be retained. Original wheelbase must be maintained. Frames must retain original stock configuration. No lengthening or narrowing
of frame is allowed. No removal of material is allowed.
Body Body must maintain the original shape, size, configuration and appearance. Additional mounts or parts for body strengthening may be added. Mounting location (vertical, horizontal, lateral) in relation to frame and mounting method on frame must remain original stock. The measurement from the center line of the front spindle to the
back of the B-pillar post must remain stock. Internal body structural members must remain intact. Holes may be drilled or cut for clearance of roll bars. Pickup bed floors must remain intact except for removal of material for
sinking fuel cells. Hoods, trunk lids, doors and bedsides must remain stock as delivered by the manufacturer. Tailgates are optional. Stock grill assemblies are required. Safety glass windshields, side and rear glass are optional.